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CommonGround Golf Course logo

CommonGround Golf Course

Posted on September 11th, 2013

The first game of my trip to Colorado was at CommonGround Golf Course which is located in the town of Aurora. My buddy Fred from Philadelphia was with me on this trip, so once we met up at the airport we drove out to a hotel in Aurora so we would be near the golf course the next morning. A few hours later we were up and out the door for our 7:30am tee time that cost us all of $52 . . . yes, just $52, that is correct.

CommonGround Golf Course is a really interesting story that has intrigued me since I first learned of the project back in 2008

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Crooked Stick logo

Crooked Stick Golf Club

Posted on September 9th, 2013

The final round of my Indianapolis trip was at Crooked Stick Golf Club which is pretty well known for two things . . . 1.) being the place that introduced the world of golf to Pete Dye and 2.) being the place where the mighty “Long” John Daly first rose to prominence. Crooked Stick is one of Dye’s earliest designs and is considered the project that really put him on the map as a golf course architect. As for John Daly, Crooked Stick is where he burst onto the scene in 1991 when he won the PGA Championship after getting into the tournament as the ninth alternate when Nick Price dropped out. I think it’s pretty safe to say that golf as we know it today wouldn’t be the same without both of these characters.

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Brickyard Crossing Golf logo

Brickyard Crossing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Posted on August 28th, 2013

What would a trip to Indianapolis be without paying a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianpolis 500 and the Brickyard 400. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been hosting races since 1909 and is one of the most iconic raceways in the World. I’m not much of a race fan, but I do like golf and since 1929 there has been a golf course adjacent to the speedway which makes visiting pretty convenient for someone like me. In 1993 Indiana native Pete Dye was brought in to redesign the golf course and in doing so he created one of the most interesting novelties in golf . . . four holes INSIDE the infamous speedway.

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Wolf Run Golf Club logo

Wolf Run Golf Club

Posted on August 26th, 2013

Once we left French Lick we hightailed it back to Indianapolis so we could drop Keith off to catch his flight back to Chicago and get settled into our hotel for the second leg of the Indiana swing. For the next two days Corey and I would be staying in Carmel and playing a few courses around the Indy area. After we dropped Keith off at the Indianapolis airport we met up with my friend A.C. who lives in Indy and who had very kindly arranged all of our golf while we were in town. Over dinner A.C. told us we would be playing Wolf Run Golf Club the next morning. His description of the course had me a little concerned. He kept telling us “Wolf Run is SO hard, but you are going to LOVE it”. Hmmm . . . that sounded a bit like telling me that someone was going to punch me in the stomach but that it was going to be a jolly good time for everyone. You could say that I was a little bit skeptical.

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Fords Colony Country Club logo

Ford’s Colony Country Club (Blackheath)

Posted on August 21st, 2013

I started playing golf in Williamsburg fairly regularly about 10 years ago. In fact it could be argued that this is where I re-established my love for the game after taking a hiatus from age 18 until my early 30s. As my parents neared retirement they began to spend quite a bit of time in Williamsburg and eventually moved there once my Dad retired from working full time. With my brother and me both living in Richmond it was pretty convenient for us, so we began making regular visits and those trips almost always revolved around a game of golf. In addition to my parents, my aunt and uncle ended up making the move to Williamsburg after spending their entire adult lives in Arizona. Over the years my aunt has been the most consistently avid golfer in our family, so it was neve too hard to put together a foursome.

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Pikewood National Golf Club logo resize

Pikewood National Golf Club

Posted on August 19th, 2013

Pikewood National Golf Club is one of the courses that came onto the Top 100 list at the biennial change earlier this year. I can’t say that I was terribly surprised as I’d been hearing buzz about this course for quite a while. One of the former assistant pros from my home club is originally from West Virginia and he felt confident four years ago that it was only a matter of time before the course would hit the list. Another friend in Pittsburgh had played the course and was also certain that it would eventually make the list once enough raters came to Morgantown to see and rate the course. Well, both of those guys were right and this year in December when the new list hit the street Pikewood National broke through. I was actually pretty pleased to see it on the list because it is a course that I can drive to and wouldn’t require buying a plane ticket. That’s always nice!

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Sultans Run Golf Club logo 2

Sultan’s Run Golf Club

Posted on August 14th, 2013

I’ve already posted about the Pete Dye and Donald Ross courses at French Lick, but there is a third course that is now affiliated with the resort, Sultan’s Run Golf Club. Since we were going to have a free afternoon on the day we arrived at French Lick Resort we decided we may as well give this course a look.

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Kittansett Club logo

Kittansett Club

Posted on August 12th, 2013

A couple of years ago I made a trip to Boston and played The Country Club, Myopia Hunt Club, Old Sandwich and Boston Golf Club, but for some reason did not play Kittansett on that trip. I can’t remember exactly why we didn’t play, but I think they may have been hosting a club event on the weekend that we were there. Anyway, it was one of the few times that I’ve “left a man behind” on my Top 100 quest. The good news is that with Jet Blue service from Richmond to Boston it is an easy trip and I knew an opportunity would come up again one of these days.

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Landsdowne Resort logo

The Golf Club at Landsdowne (Norman Course)

Posted on August 7th, 2013

The second round of golf that we played on our family vacation to Landsdowne Resort was on the Greg Norman course. We were expecting pretty good weather when we booked the trip but had a strange front blow through that made it unseasonably cold and caught us, especically me, a little off guard. I hadn’t even packed a long sleeve shirt, so I had to borrow a jacket from my Dad the day we played the Norman course. Here we were just a few days before the start of June and the temperature never got out of the mid-50s. It was pretty crazy.

The Greg Norman designed course at Landsdowne Resort opened in 2005

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Donald Ross French Lick logo

The Donald Ross Course at French Lick

Posted on July 31st, 2013

The Donald Ross Course at French Lick is the original course associated with the French Lick Resort and opened in 1917. In 1924 the course played host to the PGA Championship and was won by the infamous golden era professional Walter Hagen. As often happens, changes were made to the course over the years and eventually many of the Donald Ross features had been removed.

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