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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you married?

If I had $1 for every time I’ve been asked this question I would be able to fund my entire Top 100 quest! This is easily the one question I am asked more than any other. For the first 6 years of my quest I answered “no” to this question, but after March 5, 2013 I now answer “yes”. I have a VERY tolerant, patient and understanding wife. Fortunately when we met I was already 1 year into my quest so she knew exactly what she was getting into. Well, maybe not EXACTLY . . . either way, she’s been a big supporter and my #1 cheerleader.

Are you a good golfer?

I’m a fairly average golfer. Currently my index is a 8.4 which makes my handicap between 9 and 11 depending on the course I’m playing. My scores are pretty steady in the low 80s with periodic jumps up to the mid to upper 80s . . . or sometimes on the off days – the low 90s.

Aren’t a lot of those courses private? How do you get on a course if its private?

Currently 84 of the courses on the Golf Digest Top 100 list are private. I have gotten onto the ones that I have played so far through friends, family, friends of friends, family of friends, co-workers of friends, my college roomate’s sister’s neighbor’s father-in-law’s business partner . . . you get the idea. It’s not easy, but a big part of the fun is meeting all the interesting people along the way.

How long will it take you to play the Top 100?

I’m targeting to do 20 courses a year. Some years I’ll get more, some years will be less. I’m estimating that it will take 5-7 years for me to complete the entire list.

Doesn’t the Top 100 list change all the time?

The list is revised every two years so it is a bit of a moving target. Sometimes when the new list comes out a course that I have played has fallen off. That’s just the rub of the green. I will ‘declare victory’ when there is a current Top 100 list and I have played every course on it.

Can I use one of your photos?

Probably, please contact me to discuss the details.

How many rounds of golf do you play a year?

I try to play 20 Top 100 courses a year and I play another 80-100 rounds at my home club and other courses around Virginia. During the summer I try to play every day the weather allows.

What’s your favorite course you’ve ever played?

This is a toss up. For sheer fun and beauty Cypress Point Club cannot be beaten. For a challenging test of golf in a great setting Pine Valley is about as good as they come. Sand Hills is running pretty close to the top as well.

Ever had a hole in one?

I’ve come within 2-3 inches a couple of times, but haven’t had one go in yet.

What’s in the bag?

  • TaylorMade RBZ HL
  • TaylorMade RBZ 3 wood
  • TaylorMade Dual Rescue 19 degree utility club
  • TaylorMade Dual Rescue 22 degree utility club
  • Titleist AP-2 4 iron-PW
  • Titleist Vokey 52 & 56 degree wedges
  • Ping G2 Anser putter
  • TaylorMade Penta golf balls


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